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The World Health Organisation’s description of paediatric palliative care is the active total care of the child’s body, mind and spirit and also involves giving support to the family. It begins when the illness is diagnosed and continues regardless of whether or not a child receives treatment.

Suwa Arana – A Place For Healing, provides special end of life care for children in our ‘Rainbow Rooms’ where the extended family can be together providing comfort for the child and emotional support for each other, during this extremely difficult time.  They will be able to access appropriate medical, nursing, emotional and spiritual care that extends to a range of therapies that include, counselling, mindfulness and bereavement support that aims to comfort families.

Status Of Paediatric Cancers In Sri Lanka

Current Data Points To Palliative Care.

The time and need for Suwa Arana to be a reality is NOW and we the Indira Cancer Trust, together with support from across the globe will pioneer this endeavour for our cancer stricken children.

Families Are Stronger When They Are Together, Which Helps In The Healing Process.

A disturbing aspect noticed, is that despite several inputs by the Health Ministry, many families are still unaware or delay to report symptoms of cancer, until the disease has advanced to a stage when treatment becomes complicated.

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This is an opportunity for everyone who would like to support ‘Suwa Arana’ to the best of their ability, With every purchase of Ele, ICT's mission of giving children fighting cancer a place to receive holistic care, becomes more of a reality….

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Join our cause to help cancer stricken children and their families stay together while having treatment.



Your donation will make a significant impact on their journey towards healing and recovery.
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